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Leasing a BMW Alpina

Excellent high-end cars

Most BMWs are available as Alpinas

For those who may not be aware, the Alpina brand is a family-owned firm making high-end versions of BMW's line-up. The cars are either built alongside BMW's or assembled by hand at their German base. All are 'finished' in their own factory and are aimed at those who want a well-engineered and fast - really fast - version of a BMW or M model.

Engines and performance for the BMW Alpina

Engines for the Alpina range of BMW models tend not to be the high-revving versions producing lots of horsepower, but instead have lots of low torque for performance. The big difference is the speed is delivered effectively from a standing start - and carries on being delivered until the top speed is reached. With some Alpina cars easily breaking the 200 mph barrier, that's a lot of speed to have under control. The firm also uses their eight-speed automatic transmission for delivering that power.

Equipment and handling

One of the big attractions for Alpina cars is that they offer a more luxurious and refined alternative to those who may be thinking of investing in a well-specced BMW or a sporty BMW M offering. While M models are made by an offshoot of BMW, the Alpina creations are by an entirely different company but it is one that has a good relationship with the carmaker. Also, while Alpina cars will usually be built alongside BMW's (using their specific components such as larger spark plugs), they can be bought from some BMW dealers who can also carry out the repair and maintenance of them. For example, for those who like the BMW M5, it is possible to buy the Alpina B5 which has a turbocharged V8 engine and uses traction control to boost grip and performance. Also, performance levels will differ with the Alpina B5 as it will reach 62 mph in just 3.5 seconds - that's quicker than the M5. And one of the big differences for owning an Alpina is the suspension; it's a similar set-up to the standard BMW offering but has a 'Comfort Plus' setting. This means that the car is comfortable at speed and the B5 features all-wheel drive and the V8 engine that is used in the BMW 7 Series but with two Alpina-designed turbochargers attached. This particular engine delivers 600 hp – without the turbochargers the engine delivers a more humble 444 hp. On the road, the Alpina B5 can reach 205 mph and it helps that the Alpina models are covered by BMW's three-year warranty. As mentioned, most BMWs are available as an Alpina and they make a sound alternative for those who want something that is a bit more special and not an M model.

More information about the BMW Alpina

Why not have a look at the Alpina range on the official Alpina UK company website and get the latest news about the cars at The Alpina Owners' Club.

BMW ALPINA SALOON B3 S 3.0 Bi Turbo 4dr Switch-Tronic

BMW Alpina from First Vehicle Leasing

First Vehicle Leasing have been doing fantastic leasing deals on the German icon for over 20 years. Having established firm links with BMW suppliers up and down the UK over this time, we are well placed to ensure that you receive nothing but the best when it comes time to lease your new BMW Alpina.


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