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The Audi RS6 is not just a classy estate car with an impressive interior; it's also a very quick and cost-effective choice. With impressive interior the RS6 has very quick performance. Compare ouyr RS6 lease deals.


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Leasing an Audi RS6

The first thing you will notice about the Audi RS6 is that it is an impressive and well-styled estate car. Revamped in 2019 with a very large interior, it is a practical estate choice that weill provide you with supercar levels of performance and a high level of comfort thanks to the adaptive air suspension system.

Under the bonnet of the Audi RS6 is an impressive 4.0 litre twin-turbocharged petrol unit producing 600bhp to deliver supercar performance. The RS6 has a sprint time of just 3.6 seconds and fuel economy of 22 mpg. To help deliver the power, the RS6 has all-wheel-drive and a smooth-changing eight-speed automatic transmission. The top is electronically limited to 155mph.

Audi RS6 review

It's easy to manoeuvre around town and it is an ideal and willing workhorse for long motorway journeys. On winding country roads, the steering delivers the precision needed for fun and the excellent levels of handling to be had. The entry-level model features 21-inch alloy wheels, privacy glass and LED headlights.

Other versions come with larger alloy wheels and a carbon black styling package or a gloss black styling offering. There are also twin-oval tailpipes with enhanced acoustics so when the throttle is pressed, the engine responds and gurgles. Drivers get an RS-flat bottomed steering wheel with aluminium shift paddles and buttons to set personal driving profiles.

The RS6 features a 12.3-inch instrument display with the option of screens delivering information on the engine's torque and power output, along with tyre pressures, lap times and acceleration timings. The screens also measure G-forces for those who really do want to put the RS6 through its paces. Safety features include lane departure warning, a camera-based traffic sign recognition system and a rear view camera.

The cabin is a premium offering with leather sports seats helping comfort levels. Along with powered door closure, there's also a panoramic glass roof to give the cabin an airy and comfortable feel. The overall design is impressive and the build quality is nothing less than superb and switching between driving modes to suit the driver's circumstances or style is easy.

AUDI RS 6 AVANT RS 6 TFSI Quattro 5dr Tiptronic

Audi RS6 from First Vehicle Leasing

The Audi RS6 lease offers you plenty of space for four adults with a large boot for you to enjoy. Essentially, the Audi RS6 is an all-round impressive and practical offering and while it is not the cheapest estate choice, for those who have the monbthly budget this is certainly a car to relish on a daily basis.

Why not have a look at the RS6 on the official Audi UK company website and get the latest news about it at The UK Audi Owners' Club.

  • Along with its sharp looks, the Audi RS6 delivers an accomplished and impressive performance in what is an easy to drive but also incredibly fast estate. The RS6 offers an all-round exciting driver's package that most will enjoy. This is effectively a practical estate choice with supercar levels of performance and high comfort levels thanks to the adaptive air suspension system.

  • Under the bonnet of the Audi RS6 is an impressive 4.0 litre twin-turbocharged petrol unit producing 600bhp to deliver supercar performance.

  • With the amount of money that new cars can lose, leasing an Audi RS6 makes a lot of sense. If you are not fussed about owning the vehicle at the end, it can be the cheapest way to get into a brand new car.

  • The Audi RS6 is based off the Audi A6 and all models of the Audi A6 have been given a 5 Star Safety Rating from NCAP. So you can be sure that the Audi RS6 is a safe car.

  • You can lease an Audi RS6 for 24 months to 48 months through First Vehicle Leasing.