Please Design This Car

Photo credit: Timo Kuusela

Did you see that story a few days ago about the Peugeot that changes colour according to your mood? It was an April Fools joke, wasn’t it? I’m pretty sure it was but it is hard to be completely sure of anything these days.

This story got me thinking about crazy new technology I would like to see on my next car, and I came up with the following:

1: Adjustable Width

Wouldn’t it be great if your vehicle could squeeze itself into a smaller shape when you need to get past a narrow gap? I believe a prototype has already been created by cartoon artists so making it into something real shouldn’t be too hard.

2: A Two Storey Car

Did I dream this or did I once see a two storey car on the UK television about 15 years ago? I just did a search for it on Google and it came back and said I was a crazy fool for even searching. The top floor -or penthouse if you will – would have a great view and maybe you could even fit in a revolving seat up there.

3: A Hot Air Balloon Car

I wrote about a flying car recently but it just struck me that having a hot air balloon option would be even better for tourist trips. By pulling down the right level a giant balloon would inflate and then pull you up in the air. Just remember to tell your Gran what the lever is for if she ever borrows your car.

4: A Glass Car

Can you imagine a vehicle made entirely of glass? This would be extra strength, toughened glass of course, as I am nothing if not practical. The view would be great and wouldn’t it be amazing to see the road slip by under your feet. I think parking would be easier too so it’s a winner all round if you ask me.

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