Family Taxi Services Not Going Out of Fashion Anytime Soon

It seems as though the idea of parents acting as taxi drivers for their kids is something which isn’t going to go away anytime soon.

A recent study run by Allianz Your Cover revealed that many parents expect to be driving their children around even when they are old enough to grow beards, have their own kids and, well, blooming well get around on their own…

Dad’s Taxi Service

Photo credit: Duncan Hull

In fact, 15% of the mothers and fathers who were questioned felt that they would probably never stop acting as a taxi service for their little ones and not so little ones.

The survey covered 1,000 parents who regularly take their kids out in the car to take them somewhere, with their children ranging up to 30 years of age. The average annual mileage covered in driving the kids around up at an impressive 1,700. If this distance was covered in taxis then the bill would be close to £8,000.

4 Days Waiting Around

The parents who selflessly drive their children around also waste up to 4 days of the year waiting in the car for the little ones to appear.

In all, 40% of the people surveyed though that they would stop giving lifts when the youngster passed their driving test. 19% thought the taxi service would come to an end when the kid left home and 15% answered that their child being able to afford their own car would be the key.

So what age of child requires the most taxiing around? According to the research kids aged between 13 and 16 are most demanding in this respect, while 9 to 12 year olds leave their parents waiting for them show up for the longest time.

The biggest reason for giving a lift to a child was to take them to a friend’s home, while going to an after school club was the second most common reason stated.

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