Mercedes E-Class facelift revealed

Mercedes-Benz has revealed its new look E-Class ahead of next month’s Detroit Motor Show – and it’s a cracker.

E Class

The new look E-Class

The E-Class has been equipped with new efficient engines and assistance systems plus there’s a sharper design to help cement the motor firmly at the top of the luxury car segment.

The improvements mean there is better fuel economy and CO2 figures.

The most striking change is in the front end with a striking set of large fully-integrated headlights. There’s also a more rounded-grille to help make the car a head-turner. Designers have also created new rear light clustyers and worked on the car’s flanks to help streamline it.

Under the skin, Mercedes says it has given the E-Class its most comprehensive ever update.

There’s a choice of diesel engines and just one non-AMG petrol engine will be offered. It doesn’t matter because they are all big powertrains (the E350CDI produces 248bhp). It’s also claimed to be the cleanest car in its class.

A lot of the improvements have been prompted by those made to the next generation of S-Class and there’s a great range of features that those driving cars like these would expect including active steering assist and lane keeping and a 360degree camera.

There’s also the Pre-Safe system which detects a potential collision with a pedestrian at speeds of up to 30mph and which will automatically apply the car’s brakes to avoid the accident.

The new E-Class will go on sale from Spring 2013 and while there’s no confirmation on prices, you can expect them to start at around £30,000 for the E200.

Potential buyers should also have a look at the E-Class’s leasing costs – because this motor will run and run which is going to be a major factor when calculating depreciation values.

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