Ah yes, tuners. Not the do-it-yourself chaps, but the proper companies that do professional tuning. Sometimes their creations are rather tasteful and, depending on the eye of the beholder, can really add value to a car. There’s a German company called Abt that does Volkswagen Group products. The improved Audi A1 Sportback they presented the other day really does look good!

But more often the results of tuners are pimped-up gangster vehicles that can only be bought in the absence of one thing: good taste. Why else would you spend thousands of pounds to look like an idiot? Well, in India you can now look like an idiot for less money than ever!

The Moon Rover by an Indian company called ‘BigDaddyCustoms’ – seriously – is an inspired car. Quite literally so, as its styling is extremely literally copied for the Range Rover Evoque. Underneath the turd car is, however, a Tata Safari SUV. Not the prettiest car on the globe, but at least it has its own styling. It also means it’ll sell for the price of a sausage roll.

To be fair, the Moon Rover does feature elements that aren’t stolen straight off an Evoque. Take for example its rear splitter and exhaust design. I don’t think I’ve seen uglier! Or what about its hideous door design? I guess the fact that the company has taken promo pics in the barren backyard of what looks to be an incredibly depressing apartment building, says enough about the creative abilities of the Moon Rover’s creators.

Pretty much all of the body work of the Moon Rover is custom made and fitted to replace the original Safari parts. You can see it clearly too: plenty of uneven fitting. I’d recommend not running it off-road too fast. Bits might come off.

Of course I wouldn’t recommend you to buy one in the first place. ‘Evade’ is the motto to this Evoque!

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