Would You Like to Bid for a Bentley?

Photo credit: Craig Howell

Would you like to own a famous supercharged Bentley from 1931? If you do and you are “an enthusiastic philanthropist” into the bargain then your country needs you.

The plea was made by the Earl of March. He wants to see the Bentley, which he called the “most famous British car of all time” to stay here. He is organiser of the Goodwood Festival of Speed, where the car is to be auctioned off on the 29 of June this year. He wants to find a responsible new owner for the car and certainly doesn’t want to see it leave the UK…

It is up for sale along with 7 other vehicles in George Daniels’ collection; 2 motorcycles and 5 other cars. The whole lot is expected to be sold for around £8 million but you will need to get in touch with Bonhams auctioneers to get an idea of the expected price of the Bentley on its own.

The Bentley is famous partly because it once broke the speed record on the Brooklands outer circuit with a cracking 137.96 mph.

True British Spirit

Ideally, Lord March hopes that the Bentley would stay at Brooklands, but if not, then he at least hopes that the winning bid will come from someone who appreciates it for the right reasons. He says that it is a prime example of the British spirit with “historic, intellectual, technical, aesthetic and exhilarating qualities”· He is of the opinion that it would be a sad day if the Bentley left our shores.

If the Bentley isn’t to your taste or you aren’t an enthusiastic philanthropist then there is also a collection of Lotus cars ranging from the mid 1950s through to the present day. The collection could fetch around £1.5 million when the Festival of Speed gets under way and the auction gets going.

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