The Italian Job in Surrey

Photo credit: Karen

If you are a fan of Italian car design then you don’t want to go to Milan, Rome or even Naples. No, you really want to get yourself down to Surrey.

The 5th of May is the big day for the yearly Auto Italia event in Brooklands, which is near Weybridge.

So what cars can we expect to see? Maseratis, Ferraris, Lamborghini are all expected to turn up of course, with Moretti, Innocenti and Bizzarini among some of the lesser known names which you might be interested in getting a glimpse of.

If you went to the 2011 event then you will probably remember the synchronised start up of 10 stunning Lamborghinin Countach cars. Well, there’s not long left now before we see whether the organisers have got something even more exciting lined up for this year’s get together.

See a Bomber While You Are There

If you have never been to Brooklands then this is also a great chance to go there. The racetrack closed for official business way back in 1939 but there is a classy museum and a real sense of history about the place. If you really want to you can also see a Vickers Wellington bomber which was recovered from Loch Ness, to give you a break from all those Italian cars for a while.

Some of the Italian vehicles will get a run out on the famous Test Hill area an on the neighbouring test track. The organiser of the event is called Phil Ward, and he said that the best thing about the whole thing is that all Italian car fans are welcome regardless of the type of car they own. He said that owners of famous racing cars, low cost Fiats and classic Ferraris are all welcome and will all form part of the event rather than just being spectators.

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