Lexus CT 200h: More comfort and refinement for the Lexus CT 200h

Fans of the impressive Lexus CT 200h will be pleased to hear that there is a new, facelifted version of the vehicle heading to our shores.

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The new Lexus CT 200h

The car is available from March and Lexus say the UK spec and prices have yet to be decided, but potential buyers should expect the cost for a new Lexus CT 200h to be around £22,000.

There’s a lot of car for the money and the new Lexus has been restyled and given a more refined interior to help it stand apart from its rivals.

Indeed, the Lexus CT 200h will have the best CO2 emissions in its class at just 82g/km and the driving ability of the car has also been improved.

Lexus CT 200h spec levels improved

The hybrid luxury hatchback also sees its spec levels improved with a rear view monitor added to the media display, a tyre pressure warning system and selectable traction control.

Inside, there’s also a range of modern coloured inserts and depending on the car, wood and metal finishing with the interior aimed at delivering greater comfort with better all-round quality to improve the look and feel of the car’s cabin.

The Lexus CT 200h also gets new 17 inch alloy wheels along with a shark’s fin roof antenna, first for the Lexus CT 200h, and there’s a new range of colours to choose from all of which have a topcoat which is scratch resistant and self-restoring.

For those buyers who enjoy a decent audio system, the Lexus CT 200h has an interesting, and according to Lexus world first, creation that uses natural materials to help improve sound quality. By this they mean using bamboo fibre, charcoal and plant opal to create the thinnest loudspeaker diaphragm available which boosts sound reproduction.

Improved suspension and handling for the Lexus CT 200h

The main changes in the Lexus CT 200h sees it having improved suspension, improved aerodynamics and stronger body rigidity which deliver a refined and comfortable driving experience. The cabin is noticeably a lot quieter (though it never been the noisiest of cars).

Perhaps the best improvement in the Lexus CT 200h sees its hybrid drive system having a revamped transmission which means that the engine revs now match the increase in vehicle speed so it will feel like a more conventional automatic transmission.

There’s no doubt to that by tweaking the suspension Lexus is improving the vehicle’s handling and its F Sport model has bespoke coil spring settings and better front and rear roll rigidity to help improve its driving characteristics.

Even those who don’t opt for the F Sport model will find that the Lexus CT 200h hybrid hatchback is a car that delivers on many levels and is one that should do well for the innovative carmaker.

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