Are there ghost cars on the road? [Video]

Are the streets filled with ghost cars? It’s not normally a question I would ask but this video spooked me out a little.
I enjoy a good scary story as much as the next guy. The Hammer Horror movies were especially good but even as a kid I knew deep down that Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee were probably nice guys who would enjoy a cup of tea far more than a glass of blood or other unspeakable stuff.

However, things are a bit trickier when the supernatural or plain old frightening events appear to be happening in real life. The closest I have come to seeing a ghost before now was when a guy who looked just like my old Geography teacher sidled up to me in the yoghurt aisle and asked me something about the sell by dates. Incredibly, it wasn’t a ghoul from another spiritual plane; the old dude was still alive and kicking at about 140 years old. Still eating yoghurt as well, by the looks of it

A creepy video

Anyway, this video is from Russia and it is even creepier than a retired Geography teacher. The action begins at a set of traffic lights and the car with the camera heads off after a few seconds. The weird stuff happens when he turns the corner and a ghost car appears from out of nowhere, causing a crash.

At first it looks as though it was initially hidden behind another vehicle but repeat viewings prove that this wasn’t the case. If it has been doctored in some way then it has been done incredibly well. In fact, in this case the editing would be better than it is in Hammer Horror films, if we are being honest.

What do you think? Is this a ghost car or is there some funny business behind this video?

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