Festival of Speed – Racing Gamers Wanted

Photo credit: Ryan Basilio

I hung up my Spectrum 128 joystick a few years ago but it looks as though I might be tempted to get playing again soon.

I had a few different racing games in the old days and I have particularly fond memories of one with a red car which went through a variety of different landscapes. I can’t for the life of me remember the title but it was one of the few games to tear me away from the unsolvable puzzles of Valkyrie 17 (my sister is still haunted by our failure to get past the underwater section).

Would You Live in the Jet Set Willy House?

I haven’t touched a racing game in a number of years. Since I drive every day I don’t really see the point of getting home and driving a car on screen. For the same reason I never understood those professional footballers who play footy on the PlayStation.  Weren’t these games invented so that people who aren’t any good at the activity in real life can live out their dream in a virtual world? If I had lived in a huge house filled with moving platforms, monsters and colour clash I would never have become a big fan of Jet Set Willy either.

Anyway, this summer the Festival of Speed is going to look for the best racing game players in the UK. The name of the competition is Gridsters and the people from Red Bull are behind it. It will take place during the event at Goodwood and is sure to be a crowd puller.

There will be 16 of the country’s best gamers there and they will compete in a number of different racing games. Also at the event will be the Red Bull F1 driver Sebastian Vettel. If you are interested in putting your virtual driving skills to the test then you will find details on the Red Bull website.

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