Are donkeys more reliable than Jaguars?

Let’s imagine for a second that we lived in the kind of world where people offered you the choice between a Jaguar and a donkey. Wouldn’t that be a great place to live?

As you pondered whether the sleek Jaguar car in front of you was right for your needs the salesman would clear his throat, fiddle with his tie and mumble, “There is another option you might like to consider, sir”.

At this point another member of staff would bring out a donkey. Sure, it’s not as shiny as the Jag and it might be just a tiny bit smellier. However, would it be more reliable for you in the long run?

An insane solution to constant Jag problems

I only ask this seemingly absurd question because a Jaguar owner in India got so fed up with his vehicle breaking down that he has taken to having it pulled around town by donkeys. Rahul Thackreym is the genius who came up with this frankly insane solution to constant problems with his £53,000 Jag.

He says that he was “fed up” going back to the dealer for repairs and that the donkeys are more reliable than the car ever was anyway. More bizarrely, he claims that the Jaguar was worse than a “sardine tin on wheels”. Not being familiar with the driving qualities of metallic fish containers I can only agree with him for the time being.

One of the big benefits of using a donkey would be the reduction in fuel costs, I suppose. These obstinate yet cheerful beasts don’t guzzle expensive petrol but are, instead, happy with cheap stuff like grass and hay. However, having carefully considered the choice I have to admit that I would plump for the Jaguar every time.

Would you consider swapping your car for a member of the horse family?

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