Chevrolet to make tracks with the Trax

Chevrolet are to unveil their new SUV, the Trax, at the Paris Motor Show next month which will be their debut into the competitive segment.


The new Chevrolet Trax

And the vehicle certainly looks like a Chevrolet and has a modern, well-organised and flexible interior.

Buyers in Europe have a choice of three engines: the 1.4L turbo, 1.6L petrol engine, 1.7L diesel. They might appear underpowered for the size of the vehicle but Chevrolet have also added on-demand all-wheel drive system for off-road adventures.

Chevrolet also claim that they invented the SUV segment in 1935 with the launch of their Suburban Carryall.

The Trax can comfortably carry five people and will deliver car-like handling while also enabling off-road capability when needed.

You’ll start seeing the Trax on our roads early next year but the firm isn’t saying how much they will cost yet though the price will be around the Skoda Yeti price of £15,000 for the entry level model.

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  1. i live in austria. i am interested in your chevrolet t. where in the tyrol, westside from innsbruck can i find and by a chevrolet: 18.000 euro?….pp

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