Caravans! Do you love them or hate them?

What do you think when you see a caravan on the road in front of you on a hot summer’s day? Come on now, be honest.

A recent survey of British drivers suggests that getting stuck in traffic behind a caravan or a tractor is what most annoys us about driving in the summer.  Other things on the road that get us all hot and bothered are boy racers playing ridiculously loud music and getting stuck in a massive traffic jam during a Bank Holiday weekend.

Of course, if you ever get stuck in a Bank Holiday jam behind a boy racer in a caravan playing the latest Enimen number at full volume then you will probably spontaneously combust.

No Flip Flops Required

Other annoying things on the list complied on behalf of HPO are a bit more bizarre. For example, driving in flip flips is something many people said they hate. So why would you do it then? Personally, I hate driving with clown shoes and a tuxedo on, which is why I rarely if ever dress like this before getting in the car.

Ah, but then there is the classic problem of getting sunburnt on just one arm while driving. Has that ever happened to you? I once ended up looking like I had just spend a week in Marbella in which I had sat in my apartment and just stuck my arm out the window every day for a few hours.

Back to those caravans though. I have often wondered whether caravan drivers hate non-caravan drivers are much as seems to be the case the other way round. Do these guys take a sip of tea from their flask, adjust their tartan rugs and give a harrumph when they see a caravan-less vehicle behind them?  I like to think that they do but if they don’t then what is it that annoys them most? Seeing another caravan that is going even slower than theirs?

What most annoys you about driving in the summer?

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