Alfa Romeo Giulietta: 2014 model of the Alfa Romeo Giulietta on sale

Fans of the Alfa Romeo Giulietta will be happy now that the 2014 model has now gone on sale with a raft of exterior revisions which include new colours, a new grille and new alloy wheel designs.

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The 2014 Alfa Romeo Giulietta has style

The car pays homage to the incredible motoring heritage of the Alfa Romeo brand and with prices starting from £18,235 OTR a new generation of fans will come to enjoy what is an impressive car.

Designers have also got work on the interior which not only looks sportier but has more supportive seats than previously, the new door trims and a new steering wheel.

2014 Alfa Romeo Giulietta impresses

The entire dashboard has been redesigned and Alfa has also included a colour touchscreen Uconnect infotainment system which has Bluetooth connectivity and a DAB radio. The touchscreen can also be operated by voice and stream music wirelessly and there’s also hands-free text messaging.

The touchscreen is quite impressive and has some very useful features though some models have the larger version fitted which features a 6.5 inch screen and a satnav operation that offers 3-D bird’s-eye maps, and a one-step destination entry function which can be done by voice and intelligent route guidance.

More importantly, there’s improved emissions across the entire engine range plus the addition of a new engine with the 2.0 litre JTDM-2 turbo diesel which is very responsive. So the new Alfa Romeo Giulietta is not just more environmentally friendly but is a cheap car to run.

Distinctive styling for the Alfa Romeo Giulietta

Since its launch in 2010, the Alfa Romeo Giulietta has had the most distinctive styling of any car in its sector and the new revisions are subtle and impressive to help keep it looking stylish.

The 2014 model of the Alfa Romeo Giulietta has also had its sound insulation improved which provides for a more quiet and relaxed driving environment.

Like many carmakers today, Alfa Romeo offers its owners to personalise their Giulietta with a raft of different options to improve the vehicle’s offering and they all come with Alfa’s DNA driving selector to help choose performance, safety, comfort or efficiency, depending on the prevailing road conditions.

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However, like many Alfa’s before it, the Giulietta is a true driver’s car and it handles very well, helped by a sophisticated multi-link rear suspension to help keep the steering true.

Safety is also big feature for the 2014 Alfa Romeo Giulietta with six airbags, an anti-whiplash system and a pre-fill system which prepares the brakes for an emergency.

In addition, there’s also a tyre pressure monitoring system, an electronic differential system and an impressive system called DST which helps the driver to steer correctly in an emergency situation through impulses at the wheel.

Available now, the Alfa Romeo Giulietta’s top model is the Sportiva Nav which has the 150hp 2.0 JTDM-2 and costs £25,220.

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