Do You Want to See New Traffic Laws in the UK?

A recent survey asked 2,000 British motorists which European traffic laws they think are worth implementing in the UK. Some of the answers were a little surprising, to be honest.

French Breathalysers

Photo credit: (vincent desjardins)

The law in France says that all drivers need to take a breathalyser kit with them in their car. Does that sound like a sensible idea to you? It does to just over 10% of the people who were questioned on the subject. This seems to be a bit on the low side, considering that the issue of drink driving is something which is a concern to many people.

No Car Smokers in Cyprus

I was a bit surprised to see that far more people thought that banning smoking from cars was a better idea than carrying breathalysers. Almost a third of the people surveyed thought that this would be a good idea. This law already exists in Cyprus, in that you can’t smoke in a private car is there is someone under the age of 16 in it.

No Idling Engines for the Belgians

If you ever drive in Belgium you won’t be allowed to just sit there with your engine idling. This is a pretty good sounding law to me, as it helps protect the planet from some unnecessary pollution. However, only 11% of the British motorists who were asked the question said that they would like to see it introduced here.

No Dirty Cars in Russia, No Clean Cars in Switzerland on Sunday

1% of the people who were asked said that the Swiss law which stops motorists from washing their cars on Sundays is a good idea. Does this sound like a good idea to you? Personally, I enjoy washing my car on a Sunday, as it is the only day I can do it and I don’t think that I am doing any harm to anyone by doing this. The other weird law which was covered was the one which stops Russian drivers from driving dirty cars. 2% of Brits thought this would make sense in the UK as well. I just hope they don’t introduce both of these laws or I will have the cops on my tail right away.

Which of these laws would you like to see introduced?

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