What Would You Even Do with James Bond’s Submarine Car?

Sure, you sit there watching Bond in action and you think that it would be pretty cool to own his submarine car. You don’t really want it though, do you? I mean, what would you do with it?

One man who seems to know is Elon Musk. The billionaire space / technology entrepreneur has revealed that he was the mystery bidder who scooped up the vehicle for £550,000 recently. I guess that just over half a million quid isn’t a big deal for a billionaire but it isn’t really the kind of vehicle which you are going to drive to work every day. What fun could you have with it?

Re-enact The Spy Who Loved Me

Photo credit: Iain Wanless

Probably the most obvious thing to do is make your own re-run of the Bond film the submarine car featured in. I don’t really remember much about The Spy Who Loved Me but our old friend Jaws was in it. If you have a giant friend with metal teeth then give him a call and ask him to join you for some fun in your submarine car. I am sure he will be happy to join in.

Use It to Commute

Actually, maybe you could use it after all. I used to work on the other side of the river from my house and this vehicle would have been great. Can you imagine the looks on the faces of your colleagues as you came driving out of the river covered in weeds and used contraceptive devices? It seems that Musk is thinking along these lines, as he is talking about fitting a Tesla electric powertrain to it. He is going to do this because he was “disappointed” to discover that it doesn’t transform from a car to a submarine at the touch of a button like it did in the movie.

What would you do with Bond’s submarine car?

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