Your Best Motoring Memories of the Year

Photo credit: Douglas

After a year of petrol price increases, threats of more toll charges and increased insurance premiums for the ladies it might be nice to end 2012 by thinking of our favourite driving moments of the year.

This year I have been lucky enough to drive a lot more than I had done in a number of years. A decent percentage of this time has been spent taking my daughter back and forward to her nursery over potholed roads and surrounded by maniacal South American taxi drivers but, hey, it gets me out of the house.

It was also the year in which I taught my wife how to drive. After one scare when we almost ended up in someone else’s living room she learned really well and  it was good fun going out to the quiet roads to practice for a couple of hours. It helped me realise that driving is something which doesn’t come naturally and which we need to work to improve all the time.

Don’t Forget the Blooming Pig

One of my favourite moments of the year was when I drove to the Argentine border to pick up my father in law and a pig (the pig thing is a long story and not really worth wasting 30 seconds of your life reading about). The road down there is spectacular and I got caught in the most amazing and frightening storm I have ever seen.

However, when it comes to my favourite motoring memory of the year then it has to be the day I just decided to pass a few hours out on the road. I don’t even know where I went but I had the perfect soundtrack on my radio as I drifted along in my own little bubble without a care in the world. This is what driving is all about for me and I wonder if anyone else has a similar favourite motoring moment of 2012.


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