Take Your Bond Car to the Show

Photo credit: Brian Snelson

James Bond, he’s kind of alright, isn’t he? However, the obsession which many people have with 007 is one of the (many) things in life which I can never understand.

Personally, I think he drives a more than decent car or two and has a reasonable line in what my Mum would call patter, but that’s about all. Actually, since I mentioned me Mum I should point out that she hates Bond with a passion. For some reason she is a big fan of Rocky but apart from monosyllabic boxers action movies just aren’t her thing.

So that’s two people who don’t like Bond but to balance them out I know dozens who think that he is the bee’s knees. My Dad forced me to sit through A Licence to Octopussy with the Golden Moonraker (well, they all seem like the same film to me) a while back and I just couldn’t fathom why he was enjoying it so much.

Plenty of Time to Go

In the latest Bond movies, Skyfall, our hero gets involved in an action scene with a couple of Honda motorbikes. If you want to see these bikes and some of the other vehicles from his older films then you might want to check out the Bond in Motion exhibition which is on the go at the National Motor Museum for the rest of the year. I am guessing that there are expecting it to be popular.

There are 50 vehicles on show and if you own a model of car which has featured in a Bond film then you are invited to take it along to the show as well, with a trophy up for grabs for the owner of the most popular one.

It costs a tenner for adults, kids pay a fiver and spies can probably wangle their way in for free. My Mum and I will probably just wait for the Rocky in Motion show to come along. Didn’t he drive a few cool cars as well in the later films?

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