A Very Nervous Passenger

There’s been a lot of talk about that chap James Bond lately, hasn’t there? It looks like a new film might be due out soon about his exploits.

Plenty of people talk about the cars he uses but what about the baddies? Maybe it is time their vehicles got a write up.

Ferrari Spider

Photo credit: Autoviva

Do you remember this red one from Goldeneye? Xenia drives it dangerously close to Bond’s Aston Martin on some twisty roads and you just know that it is going to end badly for someone. And that it won’t be James.

Rolls Royce Silver Ghost

Ah, that cheery Goldfinger fellow had a Rolls Royce did he not? Apparently he was the richest man in the country and a high ranking member of SMERSH so it is only right that he got to drive a cool car. It seems that it is made of solid gold and he drives it to his company’s HQ twice a year. Maybe I am being too suspicious but there’s something shady about that arrangement if you ask me.

Jaguar XKR

This one is from Die Another Day and I have to confess that I haven’t seen that Bond film yet. Is it any good? If I understand things correctly Bond and some chap called Zao get into a chase while the baddie is driving this rather sporty car. The action takes place in an ice palace which unsurprisingly collapses on top of the Jaguar. I want to watch this film now after all, as I love a good collapsing ice palace.

Dragon Tank

I know it isn’t a car but I had to include this Dr No classic. It is a tank with a flame thrower which is used to frighten people, as they think that it is a dragon. James knows better though. This is the first Bond movie I ever saw and the mysterious dragon tank on Crab Key definitely had me worried for a while.

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