The weirdest stuff on Google Street View

When the smart cookies at Google decided to send out a fleet of cars to take street level pictures they probably didn’t expect to see so much weird stuff. Or maybe they did, and it was all a cunning ploy to brighten up our lives.

Anyway, since the arrival of Google Street View we have seen some amazingly weird stuff on our computer screens.

A naked man in the trunk of a car in Germany

Naked Man in car trunk

Image courtesy of CNET

If you have ever climbed into the trunk of your car completely naked then now is the time to confess. After all, you wouldn’t be the first person to do this. This weird and strangely terrifying image that gripped Germany was of a chap lying in the trunk of his car with apparently no clothes on, a big dog lying next to the car and a few random objects scattered about. This photo was taken in Mannheim and as far as I can see the mystery has never been solved.

Pigeon people in Japan

image courtesy of google street view

Image courtesy of google street view

If you have ever wondered what life would be like with a fake pigeon head on then you need to go to Japan. It seems that in the Land of the Rising Sun putting on a rubber mask and pretending to be an annoying bird isn’t completely unknown. The Google cameras caught a group of them in Tokyo and we can only hope that it was a prank from the students at the nearby art school. Other alternatives just don’t bear thinking about.

Dead bodies in Brazil

When Google Street View cars first rolled onto the streets of Brazil they came across a number of dead bodies on the street.  The South American country is sadly known to have a high crime rate but I still can’t help wondering why the Google drivers didn’t notice corpses at the side of the road as they motored merrily along.

Bonjour Google in France

Welcome to Paris

Image courtesy of Google Street View

Perhaps the simplest but most disturbing thing we have seen to date, and uncovered by our own David Petherick, is of a (presumably) Frenchman flipping the bird at the Google car in Paris. Bonjour Google he might be thinking, but one of his fingers is saying something different. Do dwellers of the French capital have an inbuilt hate of internet search engine giants or was he maybe actually making the sign at someone behind the car?

  • What other weird stuff have you seen on Google Street View?

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