4 Wheel Drive – 4 Wheel Stop?!?

A conversation at FVL towers started this morning as the winter snow arrived in the west of Scotland. It stemmed from me and two colleagues noticing drivers of 4WD cars who seemed to be driving with supreme confidence in the snow. We  concluded  briefly that they must be forgetting that their well endowed SUV’s, weigh the same as a small truck and have no more stopping capability than any average family saloon (with a fully grown hippo strapped to the roof!).

Anyway a little delving on the t’internet and it was found that a researcher (Fred Mannering) of Purdue University Indiana, has recently done a study on over 23’000 police car crash reports and we we’re right! To an extent – some of the details we’re surprising.

Young men you would expect would be the most hazardous in all situations. However, in the Snow and Ice,  men over 45 years and driving 4WD vehicles we’re more likely than anyone else to be involved in an accident. This was put down to over-confidence in their abilities and in their 4WD vehicles. Ultimately, the 4WD vehicles can get up to speed well in the slushy stuff, but can’t stop any quicker!

Women did well in the Snow, as they are aware of the danger, but not in the wet. Apparently not paying enough attention to the lack of traction caused by the rain.

Men under the age of 45, we’re worse than anyone else, mainly on dry tarmac this time over-confidence being to blame.

Interesting stuff.



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