Support FVL’s Tony King in charity bike ride

Tony King's Charity Bike Ride

Support Tony King’s Charity Bike Ride at

Tony King, a member of the FVL sales team, is raising money for Marie Curie Cancer Care by riding in the Etape Caledonia race on Sunday May 11th in Pitlochry, the entrance to the Scottish Highlands.

He spoke to David Petherick about the reasons for, and preparations for this sponsored bike ride.

Why this charity?

Marie Curie provided care for a family member who passed away last year, and a lot of people I know have been directly and indirectly affected by cancer, so I wanted to show his support and help raise funds.

 What preparation have you done?

It’s an 81-mile race, and so I’ve been doing 2-3 commutes a week, which is a 25-mile round trip, and 40 miles+ runs at weekends. It’s slightly easier now that it’s spring, but drier weather would certainly help!

What your target for fundraising?

I only put in £400 as a target, as I was not sure how much I could manage – but I passed the £300 mark on April 3rd, so I hope to break the target in the weeks remaining.

How to support Tony’s fundrasing

Go to and make a donation – it’s totally secure, and any contribution, however modest, is more than welcome.



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