What Car Smell Drives You Mad?

There is nothing like the smell of a new car, is there? Even when you step into a old car which has just been thoroughly cleaned it is a fantastic smell which greets you. If I could live in a new car I would.

Sadly I can’t. Even worse, I can’t even drive one all that often. This means that instead of that lovely, brand new aroma I get assaulted by a range of other pongs. This made me wonder what other people think are the worst car smells. A fairly recent survey by Halfords gave me some answers.

Full Nappies

Photo credit: Phoebe Baker

I can only thank the Good Lord that my little girl no longer uses nappies. A full nappy is, quite frankly, one of the most horrible things known to mankind. Can you imagine being stuck on a long car trip with a stinking nappy in the car? Over 10% of motorists hate this smell. Does this mean that the others like it? Surely not.

Wet Dogs

Having never transported a moist canine in my car I can’t really comment on this smell very much. However, it was voted as the absolute worst car smell on the survey. That’ll teach you to drive your dog to the local swimming pool and back.

Dropped Fast Food

One of the things which a lot of us do more than ever now is eat in our cars. After a hard day at work it is an easy decision to pull into the nearest fast food emporium and gorge yourself on the kind of food which makes you feel guilty before you have even swallowed it. Sadly, it isn’t just your waistline and your cholesterol levels which are going to suffer for this. Your nose is also in for a bad time of it if you drop some food in the car and leave it there to fester for a while.

Are there any car smells which are worse than these?

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