Don’t Wash Your Car

Photo credit: Vrysxy

I have finally found a piece of news to help me win a fight with my wife: No, scientists haven’t discovered that beer makes you smarter or that pizza increases your virility. Instead, I have been told to leave my car as dirty as I like.

Washing the car is a pain whether you do it yourself or go to one of those places where they surround you with a wall of scary looking brushes but it now looks as though I can forget about it for a while.

Proud to be Dirty

This top piece of advice came from Thames Water in an effort to help up beat the drought. They even came up with the idea of printing loads of bumper stickers which say “Proud to be Dirty” on them.

If you live in the South East of England then Simon Evans of the water company tells you that your chassis should be “filthy” as long as the windows and lights are clean. He said that “It’s green to be brown” and also suggested that a dirty garden and withered grass are cool.

I was quite pleased to get away from washing the car from a while when I read this but then I started to get worried. Am I the only person who reads this kind of advice and pictures a post apocalyptic Britain where people stagger about in filthy rags and plead for a glass of water outside the heavily fortified offices of Thames Water?

The last major drought was back in the mid 70s and several UK water companies are talking about giving out water saving devices to help avoid a disaster this year. It has also been suggested we try to shower in a race against time using an egg timer and use our dirty bath water to water the garden.

Back to my dirty car though, and if someone from an official source can please advise us to start parking badly, forget to fill up the tank with petrol and leave our smelly football gear in the back for several days my life will be complete.


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