Try a New Driving Experience

Photo credit: Alberto Varela

I have always been keen on trying out new experiences, and doing different things in your car is certainly one way of doing this.

I just had a think back about some of the most exciting things I have done in my car and here they are…

Go On a Long Mystery Drive

I enjoy getting in my car at the weekend and just heading off without any sort of forward planning other than putting a few snacks and drinks in it. No matter where you live I am sure that by driving an hour or two you can get to somewhere interesting you have never been to before. My top tip for the day is to go down roads you have never travelled on before. Even if you don’t think that they lead anywhere interesting you are still likely to discover new places which could turn out to be pretty special.

Drive Abroad

If you have never driven abroad then I would definitely recommend this. Some countries – such as those in the north of Europe – offer a similar driving experience to the UK but if you go further afield then things get more complicated. I have driven across rivers, got lost in vast expanses of wilderness and been trapped all night because a landslide blocked the road. Ok, so not all of these experiences sound positive but if you want to live some different kinds of driving moments then doing it far from home is one way of doing so.

Try a Different Vehicle

I tried out a big 4×4 recently (it took me across the river, which was more of a small stream if I am being completely honest). It took a bit of getting used to but after a while I really enjoyed it. I had always driven small cars before, and getting the chance to try out something different made me feel really good.

These are just my thoughts and I am sure that you could come up with some interesting ways to make driving more fun again.

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