All-new Vauxhall Mokka is unveiled

Vauxhall Mokka car lease front

The all-new contract hire Vauxhall Mokka offers a bold design and lots of equipment.

This is the new Vauxhall Mokka which is available as a car lease with diesel and petrol engines along with an all-electric version.

For company car drivers particularly, the Mokka-e is a zero-emissions creation that will deliver a 201 miles range from a single charge.

Along with the new design language for future Vauxhalls, there’s also lots of excellent technology onboard.

There’s also the new Vauxhall Griffin emblem attached and an aerodynamic design that Vauxhall says reduces drag by 16% at motorway speeds.

Contract hire Mokka-e

However, the contract hire Mokka-e will attract lots of attention since electric vehicles are growing quickly in popularity.

This particular model has a 100kW electric motor producing 136 PS and is powered by a 50kWh battery.

Vauxhall also refers to this as a ‘BEV’ which stands for ‘battery electric vehicle’ and there’s torque of 260Nm to deliver a rewarding drive.

More importantly, the battery can be recharged to 80% of its capacity in 30 minutes using a 100 kW rapid charger.

Engines for the Vauxhall Mokka lease

For those who would like petrol or diesel engines for the Vauxhall Mokka lease, then there are capable engines for this purpose.

The Mokka has a choice of two petrol engines, a 1.2-litre turbocharged unit producing 100 PS, or 130 PS.

There’s also a 1.5-litre diesel engine with fuel consumption of 66 mpg, and emissions of 114g/km.

The power from the engines is delivered using a six-speed manual box, or the firm’s eight-speed automatic transmission.

New Vauxhall Mokka

The new Vauxhall Mokka is also lighter than the previous version and there are new design techniques being used.

The entry level model includes a 7-inch digital instrument display, and there’s a 7-inch central touchscreen.

For the premium Mokka models, they have a 12-inch digital instrument display with a 10-inch colour touchscreen.

Every Mokka also has a smartphone compatible infotainment system, along with hands-free calling, DAB radio and Bluetooth connectivity.

Safety equipment includes automatic emergency city braking, a speed limiter, cruise control and speed sign recognition.

Other models have a panoramic rear-view camera, advanced parking assist, adaptive control and keyless entry.

Vauxhall has also added its e-call system to the Mokka which will contact the emergency services should it detect the car has been involved in an accident.

The Vauxhall Mokka car lease offers an excellent compact SUV in a competitive segment and it is certainly a car worth shortlisting for those who want a well-equipped, cheap to run vehicle.