New Nissan X-Trail gets impressive enhancements

New Nissan X-Trail First Vehicle Leasing 1

It’s one of the world’s most popular SUV’s and now the Nissan X-Trail gets an impressive array of enhancements.

The X-Trail is the firm’s best-selling model around the world and now the flagship vehicle gets a makeover that will impress.

In addition to greater cabin refinement, there’s also more focus on a fresh exterior design as well as innovative new technology.

The new X Trail also has more practicality for its owners including the potential of ordering the model with the firm’s autonomous driving capability, proPILOT.

Engines for the Nissan X-Trail

Of the engines for the Nissan X-Trail, the 1.6 diesel producing 130 PS is the most efficient and should return around 58 mpg while the new 2.0 litre unit will return 50 mpg.

Nissan says the X-Trail will reinforce its position as being the perfect choice for those families looking for adventure.

The exterior changes to the Nissan X-Trail are robust and distinctive and deliver a high quality interior to help make life on the road safer.

The firm says it has responded to customer feedback about what they want from their X-Trail and with growing demand for crossovers seeing competition stiffen in recent years means Nissan is working hard to retain its bestseller status.

The Nissan X-Trail has been popular

New Nissan X-Trail First Vehicle Leasing 2

Available in five or seven seat configurations, the Nissan X-Trail has been popular wherever it has been sold – with the all-new third-generation pushing Nissan into the sales charts.

The X Trail has sold more than 3.7 million units in the US where it’s known as the Rogue and since 2014 more than 115,000 vehicles have been sold to European buyers.

There are many reasons why the Nissan X Trail is the world’s most popular SUV and last year the firm sold 766,000 of the vehicles which is far more than its nearest rival.

However, the firm isn’t sitting back on its laurels and is evolving the X-Trail with a new offering which includes an impressive new 2.0 litre diesel engine producing 177 PS to help broaden its appeal to buyers who want a higher output powertrain.

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Some of the best improvements can be seen in the cabin with a high-quality feel to the materials used including a new D-shaped steering wheel to deliver a sportier feel and look.

In many ways, the X Trail’s improvements are very similar to its smaller sibling, the Nissan Qashqai, with many of the cabin improvements being the same.

Handing is also impressive with a firm stance and good responses from the engine range and apart from the autonomous driving capability, the safety improvements also impress.

Among these, and many work together with the autonomous driving system, include rear cross traffic alert, intelligent emergency braking, lane keep assist, traffic jam pilot and intelligent cruise control.

For those who are looking forward to proPILOT, this will appear on the car from next year and will take over the steering, braking and acceleration of the vehicle on roads for high-speed cruising and during heavy traffic congestion.

The new Nissan X-Trail will go on sale from August.

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