Get Your Own Bugatti Veyron

If I told you that you could get hold of a Bugatti Veyron for absolutely nothing would you be at all interested?

You are darn tooting you would. Let’s face it, these days none of us can afford to knock back a free can of Vimto never mind the world’s fastest production car. However, if you are already dreaming of your cravat billowing in the wind and people of the opposite sex swooning at your feet then it is time to bring you back down to earth I am afraid.

The car I am talking here is a rather cool little model of the Bugatti Veyron. Thanks to the magic of the internet you can print off all of the pieces you need to put together your very own replica of this beauty.

How Many Sheets of Paper?

It is 2 and a half feet long and looks rather splendid. The one word of warning though is that you need to print out and then put together 159 different parts on 44 sheets of cardboard.

Speaking as someone who trembles uncontrollably at the thought of a set of IKEA assembly instructions I have to suggest that it may be a tricky little job to put together your own car this way.

You will need a lot of patience to get this done. Maybe if you have a child who needs some discipline instilled in them you can get them to do it for you instead of having them out washing and waxing your real car all day long. I guess some people might see it as a fun kind of hobby but I personally prefer hobbies which don’t involve spending endless hours sitting on the floor trying to work out how the wheels ended up on the bonnet.

Now if someone can only come up with a paper mache Ferrari or a Mini made out of old toilet rolls then maybe I will have second thoughts about the matter.

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