Petrol Prices at an All Time High and the Beach Boys Still Going Strong

Picture credit: Images Money

Do you remember the days when you could fill up your old banger for a couple of shillings and still have enough change for a packet of rhubarb and custard flavoured boiled sweets and the latest surf based offering from the Beach Boys?

No? Well I don’t either but it must be true, because my Granddad told me about it.

Anyway, those days are long gone and even if California’s most veteran harmonisers are still limping along against the odds, you won’t be filling your vehicle on the cheap any time in the near future. In fact you might want to sit down before you read the fact that UK petrol and diesel prices are at an all time high (again).

The average price for unleaded has soared / rocketed / spiralled (choose your favourite tabloid word) up to 137.79p per litre, which is over 30p higher than the previous record which was set in May of last year. A spokesperson for the AA has said that they expect prices to rise even further in the future.

Are Other Countries Cheaper?

I did a quick survey of a few people I know who live abroad and when I told them how much the Brits pay I was greeted with some rather unseemly laughter down the Skype connection. Best off according to my astonishingly limited research is my relative who lives in South America and who fills up the tank in his big 4×4 for a little over £20. Having said that, he needs to deal with potholed dirt roads, maniacal drivers and a complete lack of road signs, so maybe it isn’t such a good deal after all.

I like to finish on a positive note, which might seem difficult after such depressing news. However, the bright side for today is that I found a website which sells those rhubarb and custard sweets. I bet they cost a fortune now as well.

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