Would You Like a Vespa, Sir?

Photo credit: Matthew Blasi

Have you ever thought about switching from a car to a scooter?

I have to confess that I haven’t but I just read about the ongoing popularity of the Vespa LX, and I could almost feel the wind in my hair as I did so.

So what reasons could you have for switching to a vehicle like this?

It’s Cheap

Yes indeed. You can forget about splashing out huge sums of money on a car when a little over 3 grand gets you a Vespa. In fact, there are a lot of cheaper types of scooter around if money is really tight.

Beat the Traffic

A scooter offers a decent way of weaving in and out of traffic on your way to work. They can get into spaces which big cars simply can’t. Which is a bit annoying if you are in a big car to be honest.

Now why wouldn’t you want one?

Too Cold

Forgive me for being a wimp but I think that getting on a scooter is something best done in tropical countries.  Places like Asia are full of them and buzzing around with your hair billowing in a warm breeze looks like great fun. However, splashing through puddles on a cold Tuesday night doesn’t really seem so great.

More Dangerous

I also don’t like the idea of being so exposed to accidents. I don’t have any statistics on the subject (should I have at least pretended to have researched this?) but I think that being involved in an accident while riding a scooter isn’t a great idea.

The Conclusion

I don’t think you will ever see me ride a scooter. On some levels I like the idea but then on some levels I like the idea of baking my own bread and cleaning out the attic. Riding a car is just so much fun and I feel somehow safe and protected when I am in one.

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