Ford Focus RS makes its debut

Ford Focus RS

Ford Focus RS – click for hi-res image

The new Ford Focus RS has made its debut at the Geneva motor show and potential owners will be impressed with its fun-to-drive experience and its advanced performance technologies.

This will be the third generation of the Focus RS and this model comes complete with the firm’s dynamic torque vectoring system which offers excellent levels of handling when cornering at speed.

Essentially, the vectoring system delivers power to the wheel that needs it the most and to help keep the vehicle under control. The idea is to eliminate understeer and it would appear that the Ford Focus RS is an excellent performer on bends.

Industry first for the new Ford Focus RS

To help improve its appeal, Ford has also introduced ‘Drive Modes’ including ‘launch control’ and ‘drift mode’ – which is a first for the industry.

Under the bonnet is a specially engineered EcoBoost engine with its 2.3litres producing more than 320PS.

There’s also a powerful braking system which comes with Brembo front callipers.

The designers have also been hard at work on the exterior of the Ford Focus RS to help the vehicle stand out from the crowd though this has also improved aerodynamics and there is zero lift to boost stability and handling.

Ken Block helped design the Ford Focus RS

Ford says this new car has 9% less drag than the RS it replaces.

Drivers will also find that handling is also improved with Ford’s all-wheel drive which improves high levels of grip and traction.

For anyone who has any doubt about the pedigree of the new Ford Focus RS then be aware that the design team brought on board former World Rallycross hero Ken Block as a consultant

Built in Germany, the new Ford Focus RS is one of 12 performance vehicles Ford is launching around the world between now and 2020.

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Again, this is something of a global car for Ford with a design teams in the US and Europe working closely together to deliver a vehicle that will be popular in every market in which it is sold.

For the real lovers of the RS badge, this new Focus is the 30th Ford to carry the insignia of followers on the heels of other groundbreaking cars such as the 1992 Ford Escort RS Cosworth, which also had four-wheel-drive.

The real difference for Ford is that the new Focus RS will be the first ever RS model that they have sold in North America so the firm have a lot riding on its success.

Prices and spec are still to be finalised – considering the production of the impressive car doesn’t actually begin until later this year.

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