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The original Peugeot company that preceded the current car manufacturer was founded in 1810. Its product ranges evolved through grinders for coffee, pepper, and salt, then steel rods for crinoline dresses, umbrella frames, saw blades, wire wheels and, eventually, bicycles. Emile Peugeot applied for the lion trademark on 20 November 1858. The company's first car, a rather unreliable steam tricycle, was built by Armand Peugeot in collaboration with Leon Serpollet in 1889. Their first true car saw the light in 1890 with an internal combustion engine from Panhard-Daimler.

A family affair!

After several years of family disagreement, Armand Peugeot founded the Societe des Automobiles Peugeot in 1896. In 1899, sales topped 300 vehicles! The Peugeot company and family is originally from Sochaux, France, where Peugeot still has a large manufacturing plant and the Peugeot Museum there, and the company also sponsors the Sochaux football club, which was founded in 1928 by another member of the Peugeot family.

Peugeot in Motorsport

Peugeot have always been heavily involved in motorsports and have often provided engines to leading Formula 1 teams. On June 30, 2013 a Peugeot 208 T16 driven by Sebastien Loeb demolished the standing record on Pikes Peak Hillclimb race by over a minute and a half.

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Why not have a look at the official Peugeot UK company web site and get the latest news about Peugeot in the UK at The Peugeot Owners' Club site. You may also like to see what they're saying about new Peugeot cars on the Top Gear web site.

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LOVE AND EIGHT: Peugeot's 208 at last returns its French brand to prominence in the supermini sector. Jonathan Crouch drives one

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