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Car leasing and customer service - these two phrases are foundations upon which First Vehicle Leasing has been built, and the reason we are the top car lease and contract hire firm in the UK.

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Car Leasing LogoWith over 15 years experience in all kinds of car leasing and car contract hire - whether it's for business or personal use, we will tailor a low cost and flexible car lease package that is just right for you - AND your budget!

We've made a cheap car lease easy and accessible to everyone - stay on-line and see for yourself just how competitive we are. Our budget-based search facility makes hunting down the most competitive contract hire deal in the UK simply child's play - just key-in your budget price-range and there you have it - you won't find a better price anywhere! And you can get a direct price by using our instant quotation facility - nothing could be simpler.

Lease your car from the contract hire experts!

No quibble - no hassle. Simply the most reliable and dependable service guaranteed - exactly what you would expect from the experts in car leasing and contract-hire!

FVL is not just any Car Lease hire Broker...

At First Vehicle Leasing, we know how important your car or van is to you and your family or business. That's why we go way beyond simply giving you the best possible car contract hire offer in the first place to get you on the road - we keep you on the road with the most comprehensive back-up service package options that you could ask for. Whatever it takes to keep you mobile - you'll find that we are there for you. Always.

Award winning customer service

First Vehicle Leasing has won two prestigious awards at the annual Network Franchisee Conference in recognition of "the hard work and focus on customer care that have long been at the core of our company. We're delighted to have won the Highest Network Stock Sales award, demonstrating continued growth as the premier UK Car Leasing company."


Network Platinum Franchisee

FVL are leasing broker members of BVRLA, are a franchisee of Network, and are authorised associates of Lex and Arval

It's good to talk...

...and it's good for us to listen too. If you'd like to chat to one of our team, we'd love to hear from you - listen to what you have in mind, hear what you want from your car lease or contract-hire package. In turn, we'll advise you how to save money, get the most value and enjoy the greatest flexibility from your vehicle leasing or contract-hire package. We're also on Social Media if you prefer to talk on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn.

  • Call us free on 0800 298 2030 (UK only) now and find out just what good listeners we are.

Benefits of car contract hire

The benefits of leasing cars through First Vehicle Leasing are almost too many to mention - but we'll give it a go anyway - here's just some of what's included:

  • The assurance of the best car lease deal anywhere in the UK!
  • Save your cash by avoiding the high capital outlay required to buy outright.
  • Avoid crippling depreciation costs with an easy car lease arrangement rather than buying outright.
  • Say goodbye to servicing expenses with a maintenance-inclusive contract hire deal.
  • All contracts normally include full road fund licence for the duration of the agreement.
  • Relax with the flexibility and reassurance of a brand-new vehicle every two to four years.
  • Enjoy the peace of mind of fixed monthly payments with no surprises!
  • Want to know more about the process of car leasing or contract hire?
  • Choose from a massive range of brand new cars with full options.

If you're new to leasing, take a look at our car leasing timeline where we explain the lease hire process step-by-step, with answers to the most common questions.

Lease cars mean smaller payments per month for businesses

Leasing a car is now so simple for businesses. We know that managing a car pool can be a headache, with unexpected costs like maintenance, but with our business car leasing service you know exactly how much your payment will be month by month. Let us take care of your lease cars.  

Want to know more about the options of car leasing?

If you're new to lease hire and contract hire - take a look at our car leasing timeline where we explain the process step-by-step, or see the answers to common questions. 

Or get your lease or contract hire quote right now!

However, if you are already convinced and want the best price straight away on a car lease uk deal - simply use our free, on-line quotation facility. Just choose your car and specify the number of months, or choose from a range of options, to see what your payment will be each month

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