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The birth of the modern auto industry!


From its creation in 1903 by visionary Henry Ford, the Ford Motor Company has grown to become the world's 5th largest car manufacturer, selling a broad range of personal and business vehicles including Automobiles, Trucks, Buses and Tractors and is present in many motor sports such as Stock Car racing and Rally.

A Ford for all seasons

Ford's first success came with the Ford Model T (sometimes called the 'Model T Ford' or the 'Tin Lizzie'), a vehicle that powered the USA into the 20th century. By the time the 15 millionth Model T rolled off the assembly line in Highland Park Michigan in 1927, 50% of all cars in the world were Model Ts. Taking just 93 minutes to put together, their basic rugged design made them ideal for a host of different uses. They were seen pulling ploughs in fields and with a drive-belt conversion could power a bucksaw, thresher, silo blower, conveyor for filling corn cribs or haylofts, baler, water pump electrical generators and countless other applications.

High performance Fords

At the other end of the spectrum is the iconic Ford GT40, a high performance American-British racing car. It was originally designed and developed after the Ferrari Motor Company dropped out of talks for the purchase of the Italian company by Ford. Henry Ford II was furious - and several million out of pocket - and swore to get revenge, which he did by chalking up four consecutive wins at Le Mans in the late 60s. The name of the car comes from it being just 40 inches high at the top of the windshield.

Today the distinctive Ford logo can be seen on a wide range of hugely-successful vehicles worldwide including the Ka, Kuga, Mondeo and Focus.

More information about Ford

Why not have a look at the official Ford UK company web site and get the latest news about Ford in the UK at The Ford Owners' Club site. You may also like to see what they're saying about new Ford cars on the Top Gear web site.

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