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An Introduction
to Car Leasing

When it comes to car leasing, it can be difficult to know where to start.

However, once you grasp the basics, it becomes much simpler, and can actually be easier than buying a new car outright.

To help get you started, we’ve created this helpful guide to act as an interactive introduction to car leasing. It’s filled with tips, tricks and advice to help you find and lease the perfect new car.

Scroll down to start driving and find out more about vehicle leasing.

What is car leasing?

To put it simply, car leasing involves using a vehicle over a fixed period of time for an agreed cost.

This is an effective form of long-term rental, giving you the chance to experience a new car for a lot less, whilst also eliminating many of the issues that come with car ownership.

There are two main forms of car leasing – Personal Contract Hire and Business Contract Hire.

You can lease a car for anywhere between 2 and 4 years, and you then hand the car back without having to worry about selling it on and getting a good price.

Business car leasing and personal car leasing – What’s the difference?

These terms actually aren’t that different.

Business Contract Hire: Designed for the contract to be in the name of a business (limited company, LLP, partnership, sole trader or charity) for the use of either a single employee or a pool car.

Personal Contract Hire: Designed specifically for individuals who wish to lease a car

Individuals could save money with car leasing, because they eliminate the need for loans that come from buying and running a vehicle for its full lifespan. Businesses could receive tax benefits and avoid negative equity situations with car leasing.

Ok, but what are the costs with car leasing?

Car leasing is one of the most cost-effective ways to drive a vehicle, meaning it won’t cost you the earth to get behind the wheel.

You can lease a car with First Vehicle Leasing for less than you’d think!

Vehicle cost depreciation is also covered in your monthly lease payments, and initial rentals are flexible to almost any budget.

In addition to all this, taking advantage of our maintenance and servicing package means that you avoid facing servicing bills – something that can be very expensive if you own the vehicle outright.

What car leasing means to individuals

What car leasing means to businesses

Car leasing vs Ownership: Pros & Cons

Car Leasing

Con: Never own the car
Pro: Cost effective
Pro: No worrying about depreciation in value
Pro: Maintenance packages cover vehicle repair bills
Pro: Update your vehicle at the end of the contract


Pro: Own the car outright
Con: Expensive down-payment/loan needed
Con: Car depreciates in value, meaning you’ll likely sell it on at a loss
Con: Paying for repairs can be costly
Con: MOTs and insurance adds extra cost

Car Leasing wins!

Remove the headache and hassles that come with owning a car. Join the car leasing trend and sign up to lease your vehicle today.

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Whatever kind of car you’re in the market for, First Vehicle Leasing can find the right leasing deal for you or your company.

With over 15 years’ experience in finding low-cost deals, when it comes to car leasing, First Vehicle Leasing won’t let you down.

Call free on 0800 298 2030 to find out more, or click here to request a quote today.