Insurance telematics for first time drivers


Self-installed telematics tracker for first time drivers

Tracker Telematics has been chosen by low cost moped and scooter insurance broker Lexham Insurance, to support its launch into the car insurance market to widen its portfolio of insurance solutions. 

The partnership sees Lexham Insurance offer premiums based on driver behaviour that is monitored via a small, attractive, self-installed telematics box placed easily on the driver’s windscreen.  Tracker’s advanced technology calculates a Driving Score based on the policyholder’s driving behaviour which is monitored every second, including speed, braking and cornering.  At the start of the policy, an assumption is made about the customer’s likely driving performance, and then reviewed at renewal with premiums adjusted up or down if required.

Crucially, the Lexham telematics solution also embraces Tracker’s ‘Crash Detection’ technology which alerts insurers of low speed collisions within 30 seconds of an incident happening – providing Lexham’s panel of insurers with a First Notification of Loss on smaller crashes which may have otherwise gone undisclosed.

Premiums will reflect individual’s risk based on driving score

Dick Ironmonger, MD of Lexham Insurance explains:  “This is an interesting time for us as we extend our activity into the car insurance marketplace. It is particularly exciting because innovation is leading our entry. With our telematics box, we are able to provide a bespoke service, and offer competitive premiums that truly reflect an individual’s own risk, and not that of their peers. Hopefully this will be reflected in the retention of these customers, as we will be speaking to them regularly about their driving, and how this could be improved.”

Mark Thomson, Director of Insurance for Tracker adds:  “Unlike other insurance offerings that are based on monitoring by a telematics box connected to a vehicle, the Lexham Insurance solution doesn’t need to be installed by a technician. Drivers simply receive their telematics box in the post, stick it to their car’s interior windscreen and turn it on. Feedback is provided by a website to allow customers to improve their Driving Style which should protect them from insurance premium increases, and reduce their fuel costs as an added bonus.

Automatic low-speed crash identification

“But what really differentiates this offering from others in the market is its Crash Detection capabilities. If there is a low-speed impact – typically around 3-5mph – the technology will calibrate this with the other data within the telematics box to ascertain if a low-impact crash has occurred. If this is the case, Tracker will inform Lexham within 30 seconds, enabling them to investigate the incident further and implement their claims process where appropriate, while at mid term adjustment or renewal stages, the Driving Score will allow Lexham to more accurately evaluate a customer’s risk when underwriting.”

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