Cheese, Wine and 200mph

Well, I say cheese and wine… anyone who actually knows me will know that it’s more likely to be beer and chips.

I woke up this morning to find my mail had arrived early.   Throwing aside the usual deluge of bills and notifications that I’ve been personally selected from a group of 10 trillion people to be entered into a prize draw to win £2.10 and a bag of crisps, I noticed an envelope of a slightly different shape.   It isn’t often people send me anything but bills and this wasn’t in a brown envelope so it couldn’t be bad news.   Then suddenly it stuck me… My tickets for Monaco have arrived!

That’s it, it’s official.   I’ll be in the stands (stand K to be precise) for this year’s Grand Prix and I can’t wait.   There can’t be anyone left in the office that hasn’t heard me rambling on about this since we booked the tickets a few months back.

Come the 24th of May 2012 I’ll be sat in casino square with a beer in one hand attempting to spot someone famous while desperately trying not to feel inadequate amongst the scattering of exotic super-cars and “well-heeled” gents that flock to the tiny principality each year by my favourite race of the F1 season  – the Monaco Grand Prix.

Like a kid at christmas I’m bound to get more excited about this as the event approaches – prepare to hear more about this!

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