Guys take Marijuana plant for a drive. Get arrested.

There are some things that are well worth taking out for a ride in your car. Your faithful dog is one of these things, your favourite music player is another and I can also highly recommend the multiple delights of taking a cake out and eating it in a setting with a lovely view.  Yes, there are indeed many things that can add some pleasure to your car journey.

Then there is the grey area covering things that it might be good to take out for a spin now and then but that aren’t such a good choice at other times. You mother in law is a good example of this type of case and if you own a goldfish you might class him in this category as well.

Things you Should Never Take Out

Picture: Clearwater Police Dept/WTSP

Picture: Clearwater Police Dept/WTSP

Finally, we have the things that you really shouldn’t ever take out for a ride in your car under any circumstances. For example, your fridge, your big screen TV or your marijuana plant. Now, I realise that the honest law abiding citizens reading this probably don’t even know what this plant looks like, although you might have seen one on a Bob Marley poster once.

Sadly for a couple of chaps called Justin Goodloe and Allen Thomas Barnes, they didn’t just own a plant like this. Oh no, decided to take their own illegal plant out for a ride in Florida recently. Even more sadly, they made the additional mistake of leaving part of the plant hanging out of the window for people to see and point at.

The cops saw them, pulled them over and, frankly, arrested them. They have been charged with the manufacture of illegal drugs. It isn’t yet known why they were ferrying about a cannabis plant in the back of their car in the first place.

Have you ever seen anything stranger than this plant hanging out the back of a car?

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