Mobile Phones: As Staggering as Doughnuts with Cream in the Middle

Photo credit: Irita Kirsbluma

It seems that a week doesn’t go by without us being told about the dangerous things which we need to avoid doing while driving. First it was drinking, then taking drugs, then eating, then cutting our toenails.

Thankfully the latest one is something you won’t ever find me doing. That’s because it is all about being distracted by smartphones and I ain’t got one.

I remember when pay as you go mobile phones came out. It was the Christmas gift that everyone had to give. I bought one for my Mum, my sister bought me one, My Mum bought us both one and even my old Gran chipped in with one for each of us. Before long our house had more mobile phones than people in it.

While the rest of the world still seems enthralled by phones you can carry about, I just can’t see what all the fuss is about. At first I was intrigued by the ring tones and then I got hooked on a couple of the games. That must have been well over 10 years ago, and yet there are still lots of people who sit and stare at their phones as though they are looking at the latest and most staggering invention since the doughnut with cream inside it.

A Dangerous Addiction

Now it seems that being addicted to your phone is dangerous as well as being possibly a bit silly. The RAC have warned that people between the ages of 25 and 44 are most at risk of being distracted by this “new breed of motoring offence”.

Over 40% of the 1000 drivers who were surveyed said that they would be pleased to see illegal mobile phone use banned when behind the wheel. Rather strangely, even more people felt that they are less safe on the roads than ever before. It seems that we want more police on the roads and more chance of traffic law offenders being caught.

One thought on “Mobile Phones: As Staggering as Doughnuts with Cream in the Middle

  1. It seems odd that many people will condemn making or receiving calls while at the wheel, yet it doesn’t seem particularly socially unacceptable to mess around with a smartphone or ipod while at the wheel.
    About 7 years ago someone ran into the back of me at a junction. It wasn’t just the usual bump, but a full on 25-30mph whack. The reason? She was playing the game ‘snake’ on her phone at the wheel and didn’t realise there was a junction ahead.
    To say I was a tad miffed is an understatement!

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