Marriage proposal with 44 Mazdas

There are so many ways to tell someone that you love them. You could buy them a shiny piece of jewellery, hire a small plane to spell out a message in the clouds or use a bunch of Mazdas.

What’s that? You’ve never heard of people using cars in a romantic way? Sure, I can think of possibly more suitable vehicles to use to tell the special person in your life how you feel. The lure of a Ferrari or a Porsche might get your loved one’s pulsing racing rather faster but if you have a few Mazdas to hand, then you could still put your creative skills to good use.

This is exactly what a love struck chap recently did. He was planning to propose to his girlfriend but as he looked around he realised that he didn’t have nearly enough of them lying around to do it well. Thankfully, our romantic hero is a member of their forum and he sent out a plea to other owners to help him out.

44 cars lined up together

Marriage proposal with 44 Mazdas

Marriage proposal with 44 Mazdas. Image courtesy of Autoblog

In the end, he managed to gather 44 cars to spell out the message he was looking for; Marry Me? It looked pretty good once they were all parked together. The clever bit is that he runs some sort of aerial photography business and sent up a drone to snap the image.

I can’t help thinking that maybe he could kept up the theme by taking her up in a blimp also made by the big M. To be fair, that would probably be a step too far and would have the poor girl thinking that her future husband has some sort of serious Mazda fixation.

So what was the lady’s answer? Thankfully this story has a happy ending, as she said yes once she saw the cars lined up. Well, you would, wouldn’t you?

  • What type of car would you use to make a marriage proposal with?

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