British built cars most likely to pass MoT

blue compact MPV driving fast on the motorway

Honda Jazz – most likely car to pass its MoT first time.

British-built Hondas have increased their reputation for excellent reliability and build quality with consumer champion Honest John naming Honda as the top performing manufacturer in their comprehensive analysis of MoT pass rates.

The review of 24.5 million MoT records obtained by, revealed that an average of 87 per cent of Honda cars passed their first MoT, compared to a national average of 80 per cent. In a further boost, the British built Jazz supermini and CR-V SUV topped the model leader board with an impressive 90 per cent passing their MoTs first time round.

If that wasn’t enough, Honest John has also named the Jazz as the best used car for under £4,000, with it achieving an excellent 84 per cent first time MoT pass rate.

Dan Powell, Managing Editor, Honest John, commented “The news that they scored so well in MoT results should come as no great surprise.  Indeed, the revolution in UK manufacturing is rooted in Japanese working practices. Today the UK leads the world in car building, with these two cars paving the way.”

Leon Brannan, Head of Cars, Honda (UK) added; “Taking top marks in this report and to also see our British built cars significantly outperforming the national average is very welcome news and a testament to the workforce down at our manufacturing facility in Swindon.

“It’s results like these, together with the recent 2014 Auto Express Driver Power Survey which named the Jazz as the most reliable used car that do the talking for us, demonstrating and reinforcing our reputation for reliability and excellent build quality. We are incredibly proud of this reputation, it is one we are keen to uphold and keep delivering on long into the future.”’s MoT Files analysed all 24.5 million MoT tests conducted between 1st August 2012 and 31st July 2013. This information was made available under the Government’s OpenData scheme. has analysed the data to provide motorists and first time buyers with an easily-accessible and user-friendly breakdown of MoT pass and fail rates by make, model and year. Of the 24.5 million records, more than 1.3 million were 2010 registered cars. There were a total of 27 million cars on the road in 2010.

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