Could this be a cure for car sickness?

Have you ever suffered from car sickness? I have to confess that I still cringe when I recall the school trip to the zoo in which I left the inside of the bus looking like the aftermath of an explosion in a pizza factory.I have been troubled by car sickness all my life, although I thought I had the solution once. My Dad told me that if I sat on top of a newspaper I would be fine. I tried it a couple of times and it seemed as though it really worked. Then my Dad laughingly told me that he had made the whole thing up and the magic spell was broken.

Well, someone else has now come up with a cure for car sickness and it is a trifle more sophisticated than placing a rolled up Daily Mail under your derriere. It involves putting on glasses.

A farmer with a plan to cure us

Not these sunglasses but you get the idea

By: emdot
These sunglasses might work as well

A farmer called Tim Flaxman is the man with the plan to make in-car projectile vomiting a thing of the past. He is also a life-long sufferer of motion sickness and he discovered that covering one eye stops it from happening. So what did he do? He only went an invented a pair of sunglasses with one eye so dark that you can’t see out of it, the mad genius that he is.

It seems that the glasses work by restricting your vision from 3D to 2D. This means that there is less difference between what you see and what you sense, which is what causes motion sickness in the first place.

The inventor has tried out the glasses on a number of different modes of transport and has confirmed that they work well.

Will these glasses stop me from throwing up copiously in the future? We’ll have to wait and see, as they aren’t yet for sale. Flaxman hopes to get them onto the market before too long.

  • Would you be keen to give these car sickness glasses a try?

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