Shaking bones and stirring emotion

With that cheesy and rather poor reference to Bond’s favourite posh-party drink I’ll serve up some news on a new tuned Aston that is linked to Britain’s most famous, though fictional, spy.

Feeling a bit spy-like? Always wanted to join MI6? Not Q, but a German tuning company called Anderson may now have on offer just the thing you need: a Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace-inspired Aston Martin DBS V12. Anderson’s past tuning products do not always exhibit an equal dose of good – read subtle – taste, but in this case I’m definitely digging it.

Looking forward to the next edition of the James Bond franchise, to be called Skyfall and to be aired in cinemas in November, Anderson thought it’d be a good idea to think back about the automotive superhero from the last two films. And so the Germans took a unit of the current DBS – there’s a new one in the making – and redecorated it, inside and out. A matt grey paintjob, also for the car’s custom 21-inch rims, and loads of leather, alcantara and carbon on the inside are impossible to miss. The end result is one classy looking car, if you’re a spy. Or drug dealer.

Anderson being a German company though, they didn’t stop at changing just the vehicle’s appearance. They tickled its technological being as well, resulting in a considerable increase in performance. They up the 5.9 litre V12’s figures from 517 to 572 horsepower by just replacing the exhaust system, with one that’s not just better, but lighter as well. Proper job!

In Casino Royale, Bond’s DBS features no über-gadgets in particular, just a hidden pistol compartment and an advanced medical kit, including a defibrillator (also to be used to fry bad guys). Nothing cool like rocket launchers and wings and such though, so I guess this means that Anderson’s DBS V12 won’t have any special toys either.

That’s a pity, because I bet there would have been a solid market for one particular Bond-like goody (of questionable legality): rotating license plates!

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