Nissan Murano midsize crossover is unveiled

It’s due to land in the UK’s showrooms later this year and the Nissan Murano is bound to impress with its premium offering and excellent levels of performance.

Nissan Murano,  metallic bronze colour crossover

The new Nissan Murano

The Nissan Murano effectively extends the firm’s SUV range and this is the third generation of the vehicle with a planned hybrid also coming to the UK.

Some may remember that the vehicle used to be available but was dropped because of poor sales but it’s now been redesigned from the ground up and will be an important vehicle for Nissan and their European car market.

Style and performance in the Nissan Murano

Built in the USA, the new Nissan Murano has the same styling touches that are found on the bestselling Nissan Qashqai and the X-Trail such as the chrome grille and the sloping roofline.

The designers have also made huge improvements to the interior to help it stand out in what is a competitive crossover market with an interior they describe as being as an ‘upscale social lounge’. This effectively means that the vehicle is plush inside.

The seats are comfortable, they’ve been inspired by NASA, and they are also climate controlled. There are fewer buttons on the console with many of the operations now moved to the 8 inch colour display, similar to many other car manufacturers.

Fewer instruments buttons in the Nissan Murano

There’s also a new ‘Drive-Assist Display’ which is a high-res colour screen fitted to the instrument cluster and there’s a decent level of kit fitted as standard including a heated steering wheel, dual zone air con, power folding seats and remote engine start. There’s also a very impressive optional sound system.

Indeed the designers have tried to make everything as easy as possible to use and the instrument panel has been lowered compared to that found in previous Muranos. Boot space has also been increased.

When the car is officially launched in the UK, it will be fitted with a 3.5 litre V6 engine which will produce 257bhp and have two-wheel-drive or ‘intuitive’ 4WD. The Murano is also much lighter than its previous models and fuel economy has been improved by 20%.

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To help deliver a safer driving experience, Nissan have also added four on-board cameras to the Murano along with three radar systems – one for each side and the front – which will help the blind spot warning, a forward emergency braking and intelligent cruise control systems. There’s also a predictive forward collision warning system on board.

There’s no indication on prices yet, they will be revealed later this year, though industry experts are predicting that the pricing will be competitive to enable it to build up an enthusiastic fan base of owners.

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