Would you have the brass neck to drive a plastic Porsche?

I guess we will never know what wild and crazy inspiration drove wacky Austrian genius Johannes Langeder to build a homemade gold Porsche out of plastic,cardboard, aluminium foil and loads of sticky tape.

This weird Porsche is actually a bike which has the fake body of a Porsche sitting on top of it. You could gather together an infinite number of loopy inventors and not come up with an idea as nuts as this.

So I guess my question for today is whether or not you would have the brass neck to pedal around in a vehicle as weird as this.

Turn Heads As You Go

If you like to turn heads as you go then this could be the ideal car for you. Let’s face it; heads will definitely turn. Some people might even think that it’s a real sports car when they first see it pass them. However, they will soon start to get suspicious as they notice that it only goes at the speed of, well, a bike covered in a fake Porsche body being pedalled by a weird guy. That means not very fast, by the way.

Save  Money

Maybe the money you would save using your fake Porsche would help you find the brass neck needed to travel around in it. For a start, you’d never need to pay for petrol anymore. All you need for fuel is a big bottle of your favourite energy drink and maybe an emergency pack of Jelly Babies for the difficult uphill stretches. You would also save on the purchase price. This car was based on the GT3 RS model, which would set you back you £130,000 if you bought a real one with an engine and stuff in it. The home made version cost £11,000 to make and I reckon you could cut back on the budget even further by using toilet paper to cover it instead of gold coloured aluminium foil.

Would you drive a vehicle like this in public?


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