The Nonsensical World of Car Litter Louts

Photo credit: LittleMissSilly

There are some things in life which confuse me. Why would you want to make your own soap, for example? The popularity of Lady Gaga confuses me as well and I simply can’t make out how anyone could find Jim Carrey even remotely amusing.

Don’t even get me started on that weird song by Blur which goes “Whoohoo” and then goes on to spout rubbish about getting your head checked and pins and needles and stuff.

Anyway, the thing which most confuses me and which I would like to cover today is people throwing rubbish out of their car. I have one word for these litterbugs. Why?

What Will You Do?

So, you are in your car on your way to visit your mother in law and you decide to have a Kit Kat to give you some wafer based mental strength for the ordeal ahead of you. Once you have sucked the last bits of chocolate off your fingers (Don’t deny it. We all do it) what do you do with the wrapper?

  1. Roll it up and put it somewhere for throwing away later.
  2. Throw it on the floor of the car.
  3. Eat it. Well, it had some chocolate stuck to it.
  4. Roll down the window and chuck it out of the speeding vehicle.

I am not going to go all soppy and say that the hurtling Kit Kit wrapper could take someone’s eye out (although theoretically it could). I simply think that it is a stupid thing to do. My aunt lives across the road from a deranged guy who pees off his balcony instead of going to the toilet and I think this is a similarly pointless thing to do.

It seems that over 60% of drivers want penalties such as 3 points on the licence or a fixed fine for people who do this. The AA asked 8,800 members about the subject and only 8% of them admitted to throwing rubbish out of their cars. It isn’t clear whether they were asked their views on peeing off balconies.

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