Dig Out the Old Bangers, It’s a Free For All

Photo credit: Kevin

I am not one for reading the news and flying into a rage. I have been known to get a trifle upset at the odd story but I tend to reserve my negative energy for things that really deserve it; like badly fitting shoes, improbable Hollywood blockbusters and people who take the last Jammy Dodger when they know that those are my favourites.

However, I saw a story today which made me forget all about my Jammy Dodger woes (and they are many) and shake my head like the curmudgeon I may be turning into.

How Many MoTs a Year?

At first I thought that the story was about old cars needing to pass a more stringent MoT or maybe even two MoTs in any given year. And so they blooming well should I said out loud, as I banged my walking cane into the floor and waved my ear trumpet in a threatening manner.

It was only once I had calmed down from the exertion that I realised that I had got the wrong end of the stick. The brilliant plan which the Government has hatched is to let classic cars built before 1960 get off with no MoT at all.

Eh? So how does that work then? I am sure my Dad has got the rusting old shell of a vehicle of unknown model in his garden. If I can get the thing moving again then I’ll never need to get a MoT on it.

The thinking behind this master stroke of public legislation is that owners spend more time and money on looking after their old cars. But isn’t that because the things are liable to fall apart at any time? And what if you have an old car but you can’t be bothered looking after it anymore?

File under silly ideas which will probably end in tears and with me shaking my head and saying “I told you so” to the young uns.

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