All-new Mini Hatchback is now available

Mini Hatchback Diesel 1.6 Cooper D 3DR [Pepper Pack]

Even though the new Mini Hatchback is instantly recognisable – something which comes from having such a globally identifiable design – the car is completely new from the ground up. Every component has been back to the drawing board in an effort to optimise its function, performance and style.

The result is ‘The New Original’, a MINI which is distinctly familiar but enhanced in every single way. It features significant improvements in technology, engine efficiency and power delivery, driving dynamics, quality and – of course – personalisation. Inside, the new MINI Hatch is quieter than the outgoing model, with improvements to acoustic refinement inside the cabin.

It’s one of the world’s most iconic and recognised cars, and this third generation of the vehicle that was first produced in 2001 still retains the same recognisable features – but under the bonnet is a new three cylinder engine.

In addition, driver safety has been improved in the Mini Hatchback with new driver assistance and there is premium technology on board too. The additions also include a new interactive central display unit using LEDs which makes for a startling and attractive feature. This is a first for the car and the console changes colour depending on the function selected.

BMW says that its new vehicle has been redesigned from the ground up and that every component has been back to the drawing board in a bid to improve its performance, function and style.

The Mini Hatchback is a ‘new original’

This means that the Mini is now referred to as ‘The New Original’ by the firm because it is familiar in every sense to the previous model but there are so many new features that it’s almost a completely new car.

These new features are solely aimed at enhancing the driver experience and include new, more powerful engines, lots of new technology and vastly improved driving dynamics to make this a great car to own and drive.

The car is also noticeably quieter, especially in the cabin and there’s also more room on board too. The finish has a premium feel and is of a higher standard to many cars in its class.

Personalise your new Mini Hatchback

In addition, the Mini is known for being there cannot that set the trend for extensive personalisation of a vehicle and that continues in the new Mini hatch.

Opt for the entry-level Mini One and there’s a 1.2 litre three cylinder turbo engine while the coupe gets a 1.5 litre three cylinder version. There’s also a very impressive 1.5 litre diesel available in the One D and the Cooper D.

Still built in Oxford, the new Mini is now available in showrooms with OTR prices starting at £13,750.

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