NFL guy smashes up his own Ferrari: 2nd happiest day of his life, apparently

I have to admit that until a few minutes ago the name Richie Incognito was completely unknown to me. Now I know that he is someone I will never, ever lend a car to.

Incognito (that is his real surname, it appears) is an NFL player. In fact, he was called the “dirtiest player” in the NFL a few years ago. He’s also been caught up in a bullying scandal this year, so he’s already beginning to shape up like the kind of guy you wouldn’t invite round for tea and scones anyway.

I want to talk about his bizarre treatment of his car but I decided to look up his NFL stats first of all. Sadly, I was confronted with completely incomprehensible figures for team rushes, sacks allowed and recovered fumbles.   All of this means that I have no idea if good old Richie is the best thing since sliced bread or a complete liability on the field.

Battered with a Baseball Bat

However, that matters not a jot, because we are here to discuss the way he guy his car a walloping the other day. His neighbours called the police when they saw that this brand new Ferrari had been battered and that there was a baseball bat lying next to it.

Strangely, the guy had beaten up his own expensive new car.  In fact, it seems that he hung shirts with his name on them from it and started giving the vehicle a right good thumping.

When asked to explain his actions, the NFL player said that it was “self expression” and a “piece of art”. He said that the day he got the Ferrari was the happiest day of his life and the day he smashed it up was the second happiest. Presumably the day he gets it fixed will be the third happiest.

This all brings me round to the question; have you ever deliberately damaged your own car in a fit of rage?

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